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Who am I?

My name is Aaron Reynolds, I'm 22 years old, and I currently reside in Greeley, Colorado. I'm very passionate about sports, basketball, the NBA, and more specifically - the Denver Nuggets.

I'm a full-time writer and filmmaker.

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Thank you for checking out my blog, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Maybe the Second Time around is a Charm posted on 01/31/2009
Maybe the Second Time around is a Charm

Reyns Gems

Chauncey Billups What a difference a few months make.  The Nuggets were old-news, a team in the luxury cap nightmare and not a hope in sight of anything more than another first round exit. Then Chauncey Billups arrived and changed everything for Denver. The Nuggets are 31-16, thanks in large part to the leadership and play of Billups. Kudos to the NBA All-Star selection committee for finally getting something right. A game that is reserved for flashy superstars and big named has-been’s was never suited for a fundamentally sound and savvy point guard. So naturally, when the All-Star reserves were announced I was shocked. The NBA had to allow one Nugget to suit up didn’t they? I mean we are talking about the third best team in the West right now. And since Carmelo sat out the past month with a broken hand, Billups was the only other option. I think it’s unfortunate to think that Billups only got into the game because the NBA had to. Regardless it’s good to see Mr. Big Shot with an exclusive invite. These types of “shows” really aren’t suited for Billups’ game, but it’s still an honorable way to spend a weekend off in the NBA. Or is it? Would Billups rather be on some cruise in the Caribbean?  Either way, congratulations to Chauncey for the All-Star nod. It’s good to see him back home and playing well. Here are some of my other thoughts regarding the NBA All-Star rosters: - I agree with all the starter selections this year, aside from Iverson, who is receiving a fair share of criticism. Bottom line is the fan’s vote on the starters and they are going to vote on who they like. Iverson is still a very popular player, while the more deserving Devin Harris simply isn’t. I can understand the criticism, but enough is enough. All-Star games are for fans and not critics. - Shaq making yet another All-Star appearance? I mean come on. I know the West isn’t filled with stud big men, but Shaq??? Nene deserved to go more than Shaq did. How can you award a guy who consistently sits out one of the back-to-back games? The Suns are barely above .500, yet are sending two players. Once again it’s a popularity contest and I guess some people still living in 1999 love Shaq, but the “experts” should have known better. This is something the fans would do. - "The Deserving but nobody really knows about his Game" award once again goes to David West of the New Orleans Hornets. Okay the Hornets are having another great year and so is West, but nobody really recognizes the poor guy. I could see the invite last year when the game was in New Orleans. But two straight nods? - The East is filled with a lot of first-time selections including Jameer Nelson, Danny Granger, and Devin Harris. It really shows how the East is building around new, younger players. Harris is a lock and I guess Granger and Nelson are deserving as well.

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No Melo, No Problem posted on 01/09/2009
No Melo, No Problem

Reyns Gems

Carmelo Anthony

My apologies to those who missed my posts over the past week, as I was in the process of installing internet in my new apartment. 

And now to the question everybody is asking – can the Nuggets survive without Melo? 

Yes they can. 

First off, the timing of this injury could not be at a better time. I know that sounds strange, but think about it. The Nuggets play their next four games at home and six of the next seven. Adapting without your star player is much easier to do at home. Also, with the All-Star game approaching, Carmelo will get the three to four weeks needed and could possibly stall another week to the All-Star game. This is a great thing. It would give Melo an additional week without games to rest, all the while saving him for the stretch run. Remember he played all summer in China, so the rest is much welcomed.  

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J.R. Smith Got Screwed posted on 12/28/2008
J.R. Smith Got Screwed

Reyns Gems

J.R. Smith is not getting the love he deserves 

While the NBA has arguably the greatest All-Star game, the recent selections in the skill competitions have me fuming. 

Last year’s NBA All-Star week, highlighted by Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and the slam dunk competition brought back whispers of ‘the dunk contest being back.’  

Not exactly.

The dunk contest last year was entertaining and very creative, but not a resurrection.  

Here’s why: 

The current NBA dunk contests are not worthy of all-time greats UNTIL the real stars of the league participate in them. 

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Denver Nuggets Week in Review: Dec 21-27 posted on 12/28/2008
Denver Nuggets: Week in Review

December 21-December 27

 Carmelo Anthony sat out three games this week. 

The Carmelo-less Nuggets kicked off the week of December 21st with a much needed win at home against Portland.

The win snapped a three-game skid (longest of the season) and proved Denver could get the job done without their star player. However, the following night the Nuggets found it tough sledding against the very same Portland team, dropping a difficult road test 92-101. 

The division split against the Trailblazers is exactly what I predicted and hoped would happen against a very solid basketball club. The supporting cast proved their value, seeing incredible efforts especially from the Nuggets #1 X-Factor, J.R. Smith. 

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Reyns Gems - Weekly Dancer Pick posted on 12/26/2008
Reyns Gems Weekly Dancer Pick 

Natalie of the Miami Heat

 Natalie (Miami Heat)

This gorgeous brunette, with a mixed Cuban/Argentinean nationality has been with the Heat dance team for two years now.

Natalie, a full-time student and dancer, lives by the quote, “life blows so enjoy the breeze.”

This is one breeze you do not want to miss.

In her free time you can catch her dancing, traveling, or shopping and she describers herself as determined, ambitious, and free.

Natalie (Miami Heat)

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